What is a Maintenance Detail?

A maintenance detail is designed to keep your car cleaned year-round while saving you money. It is a regular detail, on a regular schedule, at a regular price. A vast majority of people call a detailer when their car has gotten dirty and desperately needed to be detailed. When you join our maintenance program, you will find yourself driving in a vehicle kept clean year-round, and paying far less for a detail you were going to have to pay for eventually. This way we can handle your vehicle’s cleanliness and details for you.

After receiving a complete detail, your car will be eligible to join our Maintenance Program so you can save money on your next detail!

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Interior Services Included

  • Complete Interior Vacuum
  • Wipe Down of all
  • Interior Surfaces
  • Leather Conditioning (if applicable)
  • UV Protectant Applied
  • Glass Cleaned
  • “Interior Refresh”
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Exterior Services Included

  • Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Complete Exterior Wash
  • Exterior Glass Cleaned
  • Door Jambs Wiped
  • Spray Sealant or Ceramic Booster Applied
  • Tires Shined

Prices starting at:

Since our Maintenance Program is intended to be tailored to you & your vehicle’s specific needs, prices may vary, however these prices are averages.

Price is per car, per visit.


Cars: $75 | Midsized: $100 | Large $125


Cars: $100 | Midsized: $125 | Large: $150


Cars: $115| Midsized: $140| Large: $165

At Glacier Touch Detailing, we want to make sure we can find what’s best for you and your vehicle. Please feel free to reach out to us so that we can tailor our maintenance program specifically for you if needed.

A Collection of Cars in our Maintenance Program

Hop on our Maintenance Plan!

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